We’ve been earning the respect of the industry by raising the bar in technical management, production support and engineering. When content producers need something done right, they look to NEP.


First company in the world to deploy an ST2110 broadcast facility (Andrews Hubs).

First company to build a fully functional 4K OB truck.

First company to develop a fully automated system for taking key plays from sports broadcasts, packaging them and pushing them out to fan mobile devices in less than 30 seconds - with just a simple approval required.

First outsourced service company to build and maintain a complete disaster recovery center for a network that allows them to run at a fully functional level from anywhere in the world in the case of an emergency.

The first non-network company to do a completely REMI Olympic Production (Rio Olympics).

First (NEP Australia), second (NEP US) and third (NEP UK) integration and deployment of ST2110 OB trucks.

First company to develop a fully automated system to connect a broadcast center to the servers on an OB truck without disturbing the show function.

First company to build and run a complete remote monitoring facility for broadcast systems up and running 24/7.

First company to create an entire virtual set, created through augmented reality, for an entertainment show production.

NEP Innovation Firsts

We believe...

That true innovation starts with listening to our clients and understanding their goals.

That innovation isn’t just about the latest technology; it's about the right technology for the client's goals.

That if the right technology doesn’t exist, we should create it.

That everyone on our team can be an innovator, because new solutions can be found in unexpected places – from engineering to logistics to operations to maintenance.

Innovation History

First non-network company contracted to provide facilities and support to broadcast Wimbledon, the New York City Marathon, the Academy Awards, the NFL, the Super Bowl, the US Open Tennis Championship, the Masters, the NHL and NBA Finals, and NASCAR.

First non-network company to deploy fiber optic cable for use in outside broadcast production.

First company to build an HD OB truck.

First company to deploy a fully configurable virtual monitor wall in an OB truck.

First company to build a completely functional 3D OB truck.

Our Teams Have Provided Significant Design Input for Major Products and projects, Including:

Grass Valley’s Director switcher and Kayenne switcher.

Sony’s HDC4300, HDC3500 and HDC2500 camera systems.

ROE Visual’s T4 Frame system.

Cobalt Digital card-based color correctors; auto ID DAs and frame syncs; MADI Embedders; card-based time code readers; 1080p distribution, processing and correction gear.

Calrec audio consoles.

EVS XT3 and XT-Via.

Lawo:V-Matrix IP based router.

Pesa router control user interface.

NovaStar’s LED control processing technology.

NEP Innovation Firsts

First company in the world to deploy an ST2110 broadcast facility (Andrews Hubs).

Our Work