Studio Locations

Vermundsgade Studio 3 - 169 m2


Vermundsgade 40D

2100 Copenhagen




Studio 3 - 169 m²

In studio 3 you find a wide range of possibilities, you find a 6 x 6 meter cyclorama, for all kinds of events.

Size: .................................................11,70 m × 14,50 m
Height Ceiling: .................................4,00 m

NEP Studios in Vermundsgade deliver a full facility house with multiple opportunities for your production needs. It could be green room, production offices, dressing- and makeup rooms, an all the preferable manpower you will need.

All our studios are air conditioned and Studio 3 has a fully integrated cyclorama - ready for your shoots.
Studio 3 has a concrete floor which can be painted if needed.

NEP offices are located right next to our studios. Which means, that we always are close to every production - ready to help and assist. We can also assist your needs for equipment. NEP Rental department is ready to complete your production.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need a studio
for your next event or production.

Direct contact:

Jørgen Valdbjørn
+45 2623 0327


Standard Equipment for
NEP Control room Vermundsgade



Audio console
Microports, Wisycom 16 Ch.

Monitoring in the Studio

Monitor on wheels, also for montage in ceiling
Projectors, on request

Lighting in theStudio

Lighting equipment from Arri and Desisti.
Total Dimmer Capacity is 630kW
              (240x 2,5kW and 6x5kW).
Lighting Consoles: On Customer Request.

PA in the Studio

PA Mixer on Customer Request.
Audience Monitors on Customer Request.

Cameras & Lenses

Camera chain: Grassvalley LDK 4000/8000 with shading control.
A complete range of Canon Lenses is available.
Tripods and Pedestals.

Video Gallery

Videomixer, Snell Kahuna 360 compact
4 Ingest video channels (up to 8 available on request)  
Character Generator, on Customer Request.
Kaleido-X multiviewer with 6 monitors
EVS XT2. 5 video channels on customer request
Snell video router, Sirius, 96 X 168
Snell router panel with monitor for lightning crew
GPI remote box for video mixer
Access to Giga/Global connect fibersystem ( 1 channel- HD and 1 channel APT) on customer request.
Internet WiFi, 200 Mbit/s. NEP cannot guarantee the speed.


Audio Gallery

Lawo MC36 audio mixer
Waves server, Extreme, with access to Mercury effects
Phonak in ear
GPI from video mixer to Lawo

Intercom Matrix

Riedel intercom 64/64 ( 9 panels ) with standardRiedel headsets.
Radios (DP 3400/DP 340) with access to 1 shared duplex channel.