Broadcast Services

OB Trucks

We offer a large fleet of OB units, providing a range of our compact OB units capable of four cameras, up to our flagships handling more than 20 cameras. Our units are built for sports and entertainment with work spaces from 3 to 24 persons, all depending on the customers' needs.
No matter of SD, HD or UHD/4K, we can provide you with a suitable production solution!


Engineering & Technical Management

With NEP, clients tap into unmatched, innovative, dedicated talent. We provide complete support through our seasoned, global team of engineering and technical experts, including: Broadcast Engineers, Systems Design specialists, Integration experts and more.

  • OB Trucks
  • Studios
  • System Integration
  • Operation & Support
  • Flypacks

Operations & Logistics Management

We’re ready to support all aspects of your production in any location. Our dedicated teams are focused on all aspects of logistics —from equipment and fleet movement to travel accommodations and project services.


Crewing Support

NEP's dedicated teams are expert at managing and hiring the top crews for any production — from utilities and runners to exceptional audio mixers and engineers.

We're ready to support your production. Find an OB truck/mobile unit that's right for you.

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